Freight Forwarder

Brother Inti Global, PT
Brother Inti Global services are covering all aspects of transportation; be it by Sea, Air, Road and Railways
Contact: Phone: +62 21 8855074 Mobile: +62 8176566718 Email:

Indonesia Project Logistics, PT
Established in 2005, Indonesia Project Logistics participate in the charter and operation of Tugs and Barges, Landing Craft Vessel (LCT).
Contact: Phone: +62 21 29622471 Email: Email:

Masaji Prayasa Cargo, PT
Established in 1980, Masaji Prayasa Cargo focus in Project Freight Forwarding.
Contact: Phone: (62-21) 4405014 (hunting) Fax: (62-21) 4401628 Email:

Multisarana Aditransjaya, PT
Established in 1991, Multisarana Aditransjaya is persistently participate in the domestic and international freight forwarding business.
Contact: Phone: (62 21) 4225969 Fax: (62 21) 4225967

Samapta Nusantara, PT
Contact: Phone: (62 21) 4301829 (62 21) 4302152

Sankyu Indonesia Internasional, PT
Sankyu Indonesia Internasional is a subdiary of Sankyu Inc. Sankyu is a japan company specialized in industrial logistic and operation support.
Contact: Phone: (62 21)-5201255 Fax: (62 21)-5200741