Heavy Lift Erection

Ale Heavy Lift Indonesia, PT
Ale Heavy Lift Indonesia is a subsidiary of ALE
Contact: Phone: +62 21 3190 7912 Fax: +62 21 3193 7712
Website: www.ale-heavylift.com

Guna Teguh Abadi, PT
Established in 1994, Guna Teguh Abadi has Package Equipment Erection, including both Static and Rotating types as one of its line of business.
Contact: Phone:(+62 254) 575 1341/42 Fax:(+62 254) 575 1344 Email: info@gtaconstruction.co.id
Website: www.gtaconstruction.co.id

Mammoet Indonesia, PT
Mammoet Indonesia is a subsidiary of Mammoet. Mammoet is a Dutch company specializing in the hoisting and transporting of heavy objects
Contact: (6221) 52994444
Website: www.mammoet.com

Sankyu Indonesia Internasional, PT
Sankyu Indonesia Internasional is a subsidiary of Sankyu Inc. Sankyu is a japan company specialized in industrial logistic and operation support.
Contact: Phone: (62 21)-5201255 Fax: (62 21)-5200741
Website: www.sankyu.co.jp

Superkrane Mitra utama, PT
Established in 1996, Superkrane Mitra utama activities involve Lifting, Rigging, Erection and Trading
Contact: Phone: (+62 21) 441 3455 Email: superkrane@superkrane.com
Website: www.superkrane.com