Heavy Lift Erection

Heavy lift in construction Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) projects refers to the transportation and installation of large, heavy components such as boilers, turbines, and other equipment. These components are critical to the functioning of a facility and must be moved and installed with precision.

In order to ensure a successful heavy lift operation, careful planning and coordination is required between all parties involved, including the EPC contractor, the equipment manufacturer, and the site owner. This includes a thorough assessment of the load, route, and installation site to ensure that the lift can be executed safely and efficiently.

The selection of the appropriate equipment is also critical to a successful heavy lift. Cranes, barges, and specialized lifting gear may all be required, and the right combination of equipment will depend on the size, weight, and configuration of the load.

In addition to the equipment and planning, the personnel involved in the heavy lift must be trained and experienced. This includes crane operators, riggers, and other personnel who must work together to execute the lift safely and efficiently.

Finally, the execution of the heavy lift itself requires close monitoring and communication to ensure that everything goes smoothly. This may involve real-time adjustments to the lift plan to accommodate changes in conditions or unexpected events, and clear and continuous communication between all parties involved.

The selection of a subcontractor to perform heavy lift operations in construction EPC projects is a critical decision that can impact the success of the project. A number of factors must be considered when selecting a subcontractor to ensure that the heavy lift is executed safely, efficiently, and within budget.

One of the most important considerations when selecting a subcontractor for heavy lift operations is their experience and expertise in the field. This includes not only their experience with heavy lift operations, but also their experience with the specific equipment and techniques required for the job. A subcontractor with a track record of successful heavy lift operations is more likely to deliver a successful outcome for the project.

Another important factor to consider is the subcontractor’s safety record. Heavy lift operations can be dangerous, and a subcontractor with a history of safety incidents is likely to pose a risk to the project and the personnel involved. It is therefore important to review the subcontractor’s safety record and to ensure that they have the appropriate insurance coverage in place to protect the project in the event of an incident.

Cost is also an important consideration when selecting a subcontractor for heavy lift operations. It is important to compare quotes from multiple subcontractors to ensure that the best value is being obtained for the project. However, cost should not be the only factor considered, as the cheapest option may not be the best choice if it comes with a higher risk of safety incidents or other issues.

Finally, it is important to consider the subcontractor’s ability to work effectively with the other parties involved in the project. This includes their ability to communicate effectively with the EPC contractor and the equipment manufacturer, as well as their ability to work within the project schedule and budget. A subcontractor that is able to work effectively with the other parties involved in the project is more likely to deliver a successful outcome.

Below are some Heavy Lift service provider for reference:

Ale Heavy Lift Indonesia, PT
Ale Heavy Lift Indonesia is a subsidiary of ALE
Contact: Phone: +62 21 3190 7912 Fax: +62 21 3193 7712
Website: www.ale-heavylift.com

Guna Teguh Abadi, PT
Established in 1994, Guna Teguh Abadi has Package Equipment Erection, including both Static and Rotating types as one of its line of business.
Contact: Phone:(+62 254) 575 1341/42 Fax:(+62 254) 575 1344 Email: info@gtaconstruction.co.id
Website: www.gtaconstruction.co.id

Mammoet Indonesia, PT
Mammoet Indonesia is a subsidiary of Mammoet. Mammoet is a Dutch company specializing in the hoisting and transporting of heavy objects
Contact: (6221) 52994444
Website: www.mammoet.com

Sankyu Indonesia Internasional, PT
Sankyu Indonesia Internasional is a subsidiary of Sankyu Inc. Sankyu is a japan company specialized in industrial logistic and operation support.
Contact: Phone: (62 21)-5201255 Fax: (62 21)-5200741
Website: www.sankyu.co.jp

Superkrane Mitra utama, PT
Established in 1996, Superkrane Mitra utama activities involve Lifting, Rigging, Erection and Trading
Contact: Phone: (+62 21) 441 3455 Email: superkrane@superkrane.com
Website: www.superkrane.com