Geo Technical and Soil Survey

Geonusa Utama, PT
in addition to Soil Investigation, this company offer Thrust Boring, Seismic Shothole, Minipile, Deep Water Well, Groutings, Soil Nailing, Ground Anchor, Laboratory & On-site Testing, Geotechnical Design & Analysis and Topographic Survey services
Contact: Phone +62-21-7707005; Fax: +62-21-7707004; email:

SGS Indonesia, PT
in addition to Soil testing, this company offer Hydraulic Conductivity, Hydrogeochemistry, Soil & Sediment sampling and triaxial test.
Contact: Phone: +62 21 7818111 ; Fax: +62 21 7818222

Sofoco, PT
Sofoco provide Dewatering, Instrumentation, Site Investigation, Ground Engineering and Misc Soil and Concrete Testing
Contact: Phone: +6221 723 8978 – 79; Fax: +6221 724 6455; email:

Soilens, PT
Established in 1971 by a partnership of Ir. Hadi Husni Mantjanegara, Ir. Rismantojo, and Ir. Sawarso Wignjosajono and has been trusted by numbers companies since.
Contact: Phone: (022)772384 – 772574; Fax : (022)703211

Puma Engineering, PT
This company offer Land Geotechnical Investigation, Marine Geotechnical Investigation, Soil Testing Laboratory, Cone Penetration Test, Geotechnical Drilling, Electrical Resistivity, Seismic Refraction, Downhole Seismic, GPR (Ground Penetration Radar).
Contact: Phone:021-29468875 email:

Partono Fondas Engineering Consultant, PT
PT. Partono Fondas Engineering Consultant was established in 1986, offer misc service in addition to soil investigation testing.
Contact: Phone: (62.21) 6330520 (Hunting) (62.21) 63868174 Fax: (62.21) 63862024;