General Contractor & Fabricator

Adiguna Shipbuilding & Engineering
Establish in 1970, focus on offshore construction facilities as well as offshore support vessels.
Contact: Phone: (62 21) 5700131 Fax: (62 21) 5706824 Email:

Adhi Karya, PT
As one of the leading construction SOEs in Indonesia, ADHI always provide the best in every construction project so that ADHI is trusted to be part of the growth of infrastructure in Indonesia today.
Contact: Phone: (62 21) 7974527 Fax:(62 21) 7974528 Email:

Bakrie Construction, PT
Established in 1985, Bakrie Construction’s fabrication yard is located in Sumuranja, approximately 130km west of Jakarta, Indonesia. The 17.4ha yard is accessible by road, by sea and also by air using a helicopter. It is equipped with a 2,500t skidway and jetty.
Contact: Phonve (62 21) 521 0431 62 21 252 2378 Email:

Citra Pandji Manunggal, PT
Established in 1988, Citra Panji Manunggal (CPM) from top-of-the-class Pipeline Construction company and grow become Oil and Gas constructions Company.
Contact: Phone: (62 21) 7653723 Fax: 6221 765 8806 Email:

Citra Tubindo Engineering, PT
Established in 2007, PT Citra Tubindo Engineering (CTE) key areas are Fabrication Works for the Oil & Gas industry. PT Citra Tubindo Engineering is located in the Kabil (Bonded) Free Trade Zone, Batam Island, Indonesia,
Contact: Phone: (62 778) 711368, 711433 Fax: (62778) 711425 E-mail:

Chiyoda International Indonesia, PT
Chiyoda International Indonesia, PT is a subsidiary of Chiyoda Corporation.
Contact: Phone:(62 21) 29039255

Encona Inti Industri, PT
PT. Encona Inti Industri (EII), a multi-disciplinary EPC firm, was established in 1981, as one of Encona-group’s member. The company, with Engineering, Procurement, and Construction services as its core, is ideally suited to play a major role in Indonesian and global modern construction industries.
Contact: Phone: (62 21) 22783300 Fax: (62 21) 22783305

Gunanusa Utama Fabricators, PT
Established in 1980.Focus in fabrication all kinds of oil & gas platfrom, Gunanusa has 18 ha main yard area, exclude supporting area and 800 m water front area equipped with two load-out jetties.
Contact: Phone: (62 21) 5703329 (62 21)5703334, (62 21) 5706810 E-mail

Hutama Karya (Persero), PT
Established in 1960 as a concrete prestress supplier, Hutama grow to master major civil work contractor and then adding its line of business to EPC with a steam Power Plant.
Contact: (62 21)8193708 Fax: (62 21)-8196107 Email:

Imeco Inter Sarana, PT
established in 1972, Imeco Inter Sarana grow from supplier of turbine to become EPC contractor for power plant and operation & maintenance service provider for turbine and pump.
Contact: Phone : (+62 21) 7808044, 7808068 Fax : (+62 21) 7808055, 7808064,

Inti Karya Persada Tehnik, PT
Since its establishment in 1982, IKPT has grown with extensive experience in plant engineering and project executor for wide array of industries, from oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical and fertilizer, infrastructure, mining and other heavy industries. In year 2012, TOYO Engineering Corporation, a public listed Japan global engineering company, has become one of IKPT’s shareholders.
Contact: Phone (62 21) 829 2177 Fax.: (62 21) 828 1444 / (62 21) 835 3091

Istana Karang Laut, PT
Established in 1981 to supply process equipments, plants and facilities for the Oil and Gas Industry.
Contact: Telp: +62 21 7182018, 7182019 Fax: +62 21 7181988, 7181989 Email :

JGC Indonesia, PT
Since 1974, PT. JGC Indonesia has been involved in numerous projects in Indonesia and abroad.
Contact: Phone (62 21) 29976500 Fax.: (62 21) 2997.6599

Kaliraya Sari, PT
Established in 1971, Kalirayasa sari evolved from a civil mechanical construction company to a major player oil and gas EPC company.
Contact: Phone: (62 21) 5363118 Fax: (62 21) 5363116, (62 21) 536 3117; Email:

Kelsri, PT
Contact: Phone: (62 21) 7821921 Fax: (62 21) 7821920 Email:

Krakatau Engineering,PT
Established in 1988, Started as engineering and design serving projects in PT Krakatau Steel Group, along with increased competence and experience, move to become EPC company in the field General Industry and Energy.
Contact: Phone: [62 21]5221246, 5201605 Fax: [62 21] 5200675 Email:

Leighton Contractors Indonesia, PT
Leighton Contractors Indonesia is a subsidiary of Leighton Asia. Leighton Asia is a leading international construction company. Headquartered in Hong Kong.
Contact: Phone: (62 21) 3000 2323? Fax: +62 21 3000 2321; Email:

McDermott Indonesia
McDermott Indonesia is leading offshore platform fabricator in Indonesia. McDermott Indonesia is a subsidiary of McDermott and Sarana Interfab Mandiri, PT
Contact: Phone: (62 778) 411001 Fax: 0778 411913

Meido Elang Indah, PT
Established in 1987, Meido Elang Indah is an Indonesian domestic EPC contractor, MEINDO owns a large number of construction equipment and the most complete construction equipment in the Mahakam Delta-East Kalimantan.
Contact: Phone: (62 21) 5311088, Fax: (62 21)5311089;

Established in 1975, Metaepsi provides engineering, procurement, and construction services for infrastructure, factory, and industrial plant projects in water, electricity, oil, and gas and petrochemical fields. It also engages in providing plant and maintenance services; manufacturing power transformers; independent power producing
Contact: Phone: (62 21) 856 4955 Fax: (62 21) 819 8905

Nidya Karya, PT
Established in 1973, experienced national contruction company in infrastucture such as bridge, dam, runway, road, and other concrete structure such as concrete cement silo and pipeline.
Contact: Phone: +62 21 8093276 Fax: +62 21 8093105 Email:

Nusa Konstruksi Enjiniring, PT
Established in 1982, under name “Duta Graha Indah”; in 2012 The company changed the name to “Nusa Konstruksi Enjiniring”; Focus in Infrastructure and hydro electric powerplant.
Contact: Phone: (62 21) 7221003, 7267603, Fax: (62 21) 7396580 Email:

Pal Indonesia, PT
Started as Indonesia power house for ship industry, Pal expand its line of business as fabricator for Offshore jacket, offshore platform, modular structure, barge/vessel to support oil and gas and power plant.
Contact: Phone: (62 31)3292275 Fax: (62 31)3292530 Email:

Pembangunan Perumahan, PT
PT PP (Persero) was established under the name of NV Pembangunan Perumahan in 1953. At the time it was established PT PP (Persero) was estrusted to build houses for the officers of PT Semen Gresik. Along with increased trust, PT PP (Persero) received the duty to construct large projects and now PT PP (Persero) Tbk has also designed EPC business road map with objectives and focus on energy, oil and gas, mining and manufacturing sectors.
Contact:Phone: (62 21) 8403883 Fax: (62 21) 8403936

Petrosea, PT
PT Petrosea Tbk. is a multi-disciplinary mining, infrastructure and oil & gas services Company with a track record of achievement in Indonesia since 1972.
Contact: Phone: (62 21) 29770999 Fax: (62 21) 29770988

Raga Perkasa Eka Guna, PT (Reka Patria Ekaguna, PT)
Formerly named as PT. Reka Patria Ekaguna, established in 1996.
Contact: Phone: (62 21) 2903 6500 Fax : (62 21) 2903 6511 e-mail

Rekayasa Industri, PT
Established in 1981, Rekayasa Industri is the only Indonesia domestic company listed in The Top 250 International Contractor-ENR.
Contact: Phone: 62-21-7988700/7988707 Fax: 62-21-7988701/7988702

Saipem Indonesia, PT
Saipem Indonesia, PT is a subsidiary of Saipem S.p.A. Saipem S.p.A. is an Italian oil and gas industry contractor.
Contact: Phone: (62 21) 30022100

Satyamitra Surya Perkasa, PT
PT Satyamitra Surya Perkasa (SSP) was established in 1988.SSP had successfully constructed many Power Plant, Chemical & Petrochemical Plant, Storage Tank Terminal, Infrastructure and Building.
Contact: Phone. (62 21) 640-1767, 640-1768 Fax.: (62 21) 6471 7567, 6471 7576

Timas Suplindo, PT
Established in 1992, Timas suplindo grow from a fabrication workshop up until provide a full range EPCI services.
Contact: Phone: +62 21 352 2828 Fax: +62 21 352 1616, +62 21 352 1919

Tripatra Engineers and Constructors PT
Established in 1973, Tripatra key strength is delivering high quality services in Engineering, EPC, Operations & Maintenance, and project Management.
Contact: Phone : (62 21) 29770700, Fax: (62 21)-29770701

Truba Jaya Engineering, PT
Established in 1976, Over the time Truba is already constructed many power plants, fertilizers plants, cement plant, mining plants, recovery boilers, pulp & paper mills, steel mills and oil & gas and petrochemical plant around Indonesia.
Contact: Phone: (62 21) 7803300; 7891481 Fax: (62 21) 7801054; 7804070 Email:

Wijaya Karya, PT
Established in 1960 and having several successful line of business. in 2010, Wijaya Karya has setting up the brand new Company’s Vision and adding EPC as one of its capabilities, and success to complete many power plant projects since.
Contact: Phone : (62 21) 8192808, 8508640,8508650 Fax: (62 21) 8191235, 8199713, Email :