Engineering’s page in EPCspot, listed Indonesian company which provide professional service that provides independent expertise in engineering, science and related areas to EPC industry.
The companies listed here can range in size from a partnership of two people to multinational corporations with tens of thousands of employees in offices world-wide.

Engineering are divided into three groups based on company expertise in project life cycle.
The three group are as follow:
– Specialty Engineering,
– General Engineering, and
– Engineering & Construction.

The specialty engineering is a consultant who provide service or having an expertise/knowledge in a particular area. In most cases the specialty engineering provide service to general engineering company and become subcontractor of general engineering company or engineering and construction company.
Within Specialty Engineering, company are further classified into groups based on similarities.

The General Engineering provide a list of company who has expertise to do multiple engineering services. Most those companies is having several technical specialization profesionals in
Civil Engineering, Structure Engineering, Process Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Piping Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering and Project Management. In addition to above mention technical expertise some companies may also have technical specialization professional in Pipeline Engineering, Process Safety and Subsea Engineering.

The Engineering and Construction, in short this company has much type of professional then the general engineering company. on top of all of General Engineering they also have professional in procurement, construction, quality, safety etc.